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Online Marketing Strategy and SEO Checklist

Online Marketing Strategy Checklist

Install Analytic Tools
The first step I almost always take is to start collecting data. Which ever Analytic Tool you use, it’s important to install it as step #1 and refer to it often, this will be important for tracking the results of your efforts as you progress. I like to tell clients that marketing is iterative, you must plan, implement, test and refine. Analytic tools are critical to the learning process. We use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools, but I know there are others out that SEO swear by.

Keyword Research

The next step is to figure out what your most important and highest value keyword phrases. Here are couple of really good articles about the process:

On site SEO

External SEO

Get Indexed

Google Places

Here’s a good article by Website Magazine regarding the growing importance of social and

Google Profiles

Content Strategy

One of my favorite things to say to clients is that in real estate there are three rules: location, location, location and in Marketing a Website there are also three rules: content, content and content. This is not to say that we need to be writing spamy keyword stuffed “SEO articles” for the search engines, but actually just the opposite, we need to be writing articles that add value to the site and that are so good that people will promote them – via social links and linking back to them.
Submit appropriate articles to Press Release Sites
Submit appropriate articles to Articles sites
Get Your Site Reviewed

Link building strategy

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